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Adelaida AE


(((AAE, 1995)))) member of a Russian mafia band composed of women. Murder by order of sexitas men. Due to a sudden loss of appetite due to depression caused by excess yellow , he lost 40 kilos in 12 days, 13 hours and five minutes. For this reason he emigrated to Barcelona by the right path of Siberia that leads to La Cera 13 and woke up one day here without knowing who he was.


Cera 13 & TKM Room

De 18h a 22h. The schedule could change, check in IG @tkmroom

Curatorial collaboration between two spaces for Art Nou 2019.

It is a virgin space and in constant construction where everything fits, thought as a meeting point to put in common different forms of artistic expression.

Our spirit is what defines us and what matters most to us. We want the pranks of the child inside us never to die and, through play and practice, we want to enjoy the creative processes rather than worry about the results.

Change is our habitat and, as a reflection of it, our space self-recycles and molds according to needs.


Ferlandina 34 local 2 08007 Barcelona
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@la_cera_13 @tkmroom