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Alba Sanmartí

Alba Sanmartí Masdeu, Arenys de Mar (1981). She develops her artistic practice in the field of performing arts. She has worked as an actress and dancer, currently completing her degree in Literary Studies at the University of Barcelona. She has collaborated in different artistic proposals in the field of visual arts as a speaker, assistant director or performer: The stuffed olive by Aleksandr Rodchenko, A Cylinder, a cone of sphere by Bernat Daviu or A begades penso en Palafrugell, A heterodox collecting.The T.F legacy of Enric Farrés Duran, the latter in collaboration with Joana Llauradó. In 2019 she presented at the CED of the MACBA the action "Move the Ralston" in the series of lectures "What can a book" coordinated by Anna Pahissa to present the book by Ch. Mill Ralston Farina de Can edicions / Como edicions. In While We Wait curated by Joana Hurtado at Espai Zero, Didi & Gogo presents a choreographic reading of the text by Samuel Beckett Waiting for Godot.

Last year she collaborated with Rafel G. BIanchi in the video “Adriano Celentano Renactment” in the exhibition “If she walks like a parrot and speaks like a parrot, she is a parrot”; with Anna Dot in "Otro modo de hacer juegos de manos" for the project "Obres els Dipòsits", curated by Frederic Montornés; and with Adrian Schlinder at the Le Lait Art Center in Albi, where she participates as a drama assistant in the action Specters of Morocco. She recently took part in the Bòlit Mentor artistic residency curated by Rita Andreu and Azahara Cerezo.