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Anna Sevilla

Anna Sevilla Paris, 21 December 1997. Badalona.

I am a graduated in Fine arts by the UB, selected for Sense Títol (2020) and awarded by Sala d’art jove (2021). I have collaborated in small collective art projects such as Cucs de film and I have also developed ephemeral creative spaces like El local 3. I have participated in some group exhibitions like Recórrer, Transcórrer at Espai jove Boca nord (2019) and Vol. 0 at El local 3 (2019). I have exposed individually in the StripArt space with Constants, pacients (February – March 2021) and I am currently participating in Bauen. Palpem ecos I murmuris, a collective art exhibition at Fundació Felícia Fuster (fron 3 of March to 16 of April 2021).