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Carla Souto


Carla Souto (A Coruña, 1994)

Born in winter surrounded by chestnut trees. Almost spring. After graduating in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, Carla Souto continued her studies at the University of Porto specializing in Multimedia Art. At CEART-UDESC in Florianópolis she started working for, and from, the body in the area of Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Fashion. During her time studying for her Master's Degree in Sculpture at the University of Lisbon, she dedicated herself to studying volume.

From all her years of studying, she has deciphered what she does not intend. From all her destinations, she has developed a situated way of working - interacting with care and poetics - in relation to the environment. Souto's body of work flows between formats, media and techniques: her projects range from painting, performance, photographic and video documentation; also textiles, embroidery and pattern making are part of her artistic practice. How a flower makes everything seem more beautiful.

Her work has been exhibited in Sant Andreu Contemporani (Barcelona), Sala Amadís (Madrid), ART Mustang (Elche), Galeria Monumental (Lisbon), Pazo da Cultura de Pontevedra and Museu da Imagem e Som de Florianópolis (Brazil) among other places where she has found herself. Among her awards, Souto has been awarded the VI Puénting Grant for artistic professionalization and INJUVE 2019 for production. Recently, Carla also participated in the Artist Residencies of the Biennial of Cerveira 2017 in Portugal and KH Messen in Norway; from the heat of the south to the melt of the northern spring.


Tangent Projects

Tuesday- Friday 11h-15.30h, and Saturday 12h-16h or by appointment

Tangent Projects is an initiative created to work with emerging or mid-career, national and international artists in exhibitions and receptive projects.

Desiring to add multiplicity to today's art archetype, Tangent Projects strives to display exemplary works on a variety of different media and platforms, including books, exhibitions, presentations, and online commissions. Our intention is to invite artists to explore "tangents" or diversions within their practice.

By offering the opportunity for digressions, ideas and processes that could normally have been discarded in favor of the main discourse to be followed, they will have the potential to come to a conclusion. Without a commercial bias and with encouraged experimentation, Tangente Projects proposes the possibility for artists to develop deviations within their artistic dialogue.

Tangent Projects was originally founded by Tsering Frykman-Glen and Laura Tammen in November 2015. In early 2019, Tangent Projects became a cultural association under Tsering's direction.

Carrer Marti Codolar 41 - 43, 08902, L’Hospitalet del Llobregat
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