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Carlos Herraiz

Carlos Herraiz was born in Barcelona in 1995. Son and grandson of painters, he moved to Edinburgh at the age of eighteen where he began his artistic career at Leith School of Art. It was here that a series of ideas, questions and concepts began to arise; ideas concerning the passage of time, loneliness, isolation and oblivion. Through figurative painting Carlos explored these concepts whilst studying at Glasgow School of Art and Barcelona Academy of Art afterwards. All these ideas remain central to his practice today having spent a year as a resident artist at Leith school of Art, and subsequently completing a residency in Kavala, Greece, and a half a year one in Berlin. The deeper nuances and the abstract qualities of these ideas led to a more abstracted approach to painting, with the eradication of the figure. The artist still views his work as figurative.


Galeria H2O

4pm-8pm Monday-Friday and by appointment

Water, origin of life and universal formula.

Formula adopted by Joaquim Ruiz Millet and Ana Planella in 1989 to adapt a place where the flux of creative energy in Barcelona converge for almost three decades.

Gallery H2O opened its doors with a drawing exhibition of Ben van Berkel’s architectural projects.

In 1991 the gallery started the edition of historical design objects and rediscovered the furniture designed in 1955 by the architect F.J. Barba Corsini for “La Pedrera” by Gaudí. The collection was soon extended with new objects absolutely linked to the gallery activity. Among them, the “H 2 O” chair, the “Flamp” lamp or the children’s game “Autoband” by Martí Guixé.

In 1995 the gallery started a publishing project for literary texts with “Les Idiotes” collection.

Gallery H2O organizes architecture, design, photography and contemporary art exhibitions.

Verdi, 152
08012 Barcelona
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T. +34 93 415 18 01