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Daniel and Miguel Moreno Roldán

Daniel Moreno Roldán (Barcelona, ​​1990) is an artist and musician. Recently, his work revolves around issues of obsolescence, nostalgia and temporality in digital environments, as well as archival and preservation on the Internet.

He is a member and co-founder of the Videojocs Club, a group of people interested in video games beyond being forms of entertainment, which meets bi-monthly in Hangar. He is one of the members of the electronic music project SOSUN.dance, for which he composes songs using obsolete computers and video consoles. In addition, he works as a music producer and sound designer.


Miguel Moreno Roldán (Barcelona, ​​1988) dedicates a large part of his day to recording, editing and broadcasting videos from the work cooperative of which he is a founding member. For some years he has been trying to learn about community management, cooperativism, critical economy and synthesizers. He has participated in various municipal political-social and cultural movements and is part of the Xarxa d'Economia Solidaria. His interest in technology and community communication has led him to start and participate in free radio projects. Lately his bookmarks bar is full of articles on digital commons.