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Gracias por su visita

Gracias por su visita is an artistic and curatorial project of artists Sjors Bindels
(Vine'l, Netherlands, 1991) and Pol Ricart Herms (Barcelona, Spain, 1993). Both
using curatorial practice as a basis and basis for their production, the project has
so far been formulated in various exhibitions and events, often based on the
context they work, mainly collaborating with young artists and producers with
projection in Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

Its collaboration began in 2017 with the inauguration of El Cuarto del recreo, a
small site in the poster/storey of the gallery etHALL of Joaquim Costa Street
(Barcelona) in which Pol Ricart Herms and Sjors Bindels organized weekly
events, activities and exhibitions. After etHALL, in 2018, closed its doors in
downtown Barcelona to reopen a new space at L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, the two
artists launched the Gracias por su visita project; a platform for collaboration with
young artists of the local context, free, without physical space and thus more
nomadic and open to external collaborations.

Sjors Bindels and Pol Ricart Herms, began to seek strategies for formalizing open
artistic projects within Barcelona's artistic infrastructure; as a curatorial duo
organizing exhibitions in delocalized spaces and participating within the city's
artistic circuit as in the City Screen LOOP and Art Nou. They have also organized
exhibitions, activities and seminars, collaborating with other entities such as the
Escola Massana, the magazine Terranova, Sala VOL, Diosnidor Distributions
S.L., La Infinita, among others. Always with a special emphasis on the cultural
circuit of Barcelona and on the representation, production and realization of
artistic exhibitions


Isaac Peral 7, 2a planta

By appointment

Gracias por su visita for Art Nou 2021 opens its doors to its first physical space,
a provisional space, shared with the artist Rafa Castells, located on the second
floor of the Mercader Building (L'Hospitalet de Llobregat), above the galleries
Nogueras Blanchard and Ana Mas Projects, where in both, they will be curating
the exhibitions of Art Nou 2021: with Ikram Bouloum (Nogueras Blanchard) and
Willem de Haan (Ana Mas Projects).

Isaac Peral, 7 (2a planta) 08902 Hospitalet de Llobregat
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