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Ignacio García Sánchez

Ignacio García Sánchez (Madrid, 1987) studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid and at the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg. For more than a decade has been developing a particular narrative and visual language, supported mainly by drawing and formal resources taken from fields such as architecture, textbook illustration, heraldry or political propaganda.


Can Felipa Arts Visuals

5pm-9pm Tuesday to Saturday

Centre Cívic Can Felipa is located in the Poblenou neighborhood, in a building that previously occupied an old textile factory called Catex and that the neighborhood and association movement recovered in the neighborhood. It is a meeting and reference place for the people of the neighborhood and from where it works with a network of facilities, associations, groups and entities from the same neighborhood, the district and the city.

The identity of the center has been built little by little from the plurality of entities, associations and creative groups that find support and support in developing the hobbies in the center.

To open our relationship with the neighborhood, the social fabric and citizenship, while remaining faithful to our contemporary art project and emerging artists, from the visual arts and performing arts programs, the center is promoting a new project that helps us to intensify relationships, putting into operation new working methodologies. The result is La (b) Felipa, a laboratory for interaction with the territory, from which to jointly propose, with creators, entities and citizens, strategies for knowledge and shared recognition.

Pallars, 277
08005 Barcelona
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T. +34 932 563 840