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Laia Caballero (KANNO)

Laia Caballero (KANNO) (Olesa de Montserrat, Barcelona, 1999)

He is a third year Fine Arts student at the University of Barcelona. He specializes in audiovisual arts, (including both video editing and directing and music production), fashion, graphic design, and performance.
Until now, his artistic career has been marked by three different stages: on the one hand, duality, dichotomy; and on the other, the study of gender, the occult, the bizarre and the abject.
He was introduced to art through his interest in psychoanalysis and psychedelia. Later he focused on post-humanism, by internet culture (such as vaporwave, cypherpunk, etc.), deepweb, and gender study. Among his performances stands out IDentidad, a project carried out with Eric Meneses from the Rastros de Carmín podcast broadcast by El Prat radio, where Pilar Talevera in collaboration with Víctor Ramírez Tur discuss Noise, Punk and Abstraction.

With a futuristic and industrial aesthetic, KANNO currently focuses on the creation and experimentation of sound through music production; marked by a deep fascination for the future, which appears extremely technological and dystopian. This led him to make his first appearance as a DJ for Alex Palacín's TEKNOTINTINEO installation at the Llum festival in Barcelona 2020. Later, he participated in the creative and stylistic direction for the video clip "Sé Ke No Es Pa Mí" by LHARA. Thus reaching a KAPSULA (DIKOTOMY) of clothing designed and created by her in collaboration with the artist.


FASE + Dràcul·la

FASE is a place of work and meeting for artists, curators, researchers and for all those people whose work is related to artistic practices and contemporary thought. It was born as an independent and sustainable proposal for artistic practice with the aim of bringing together cultural agents who have the desire to seek other possibilities for growth and development. The project has ten production spaces for artists, six work tables and a multipurpose space of 60 m2 for the development of own activities and open to external collaborations.
In addition, FASE is also born with the need to continue the synergies derived from the work of some of the long-term residents at the Hangar.org research and production center. Paco Chanivet, Patricia Fernández, Marco Noris and Patricio Rivera are four of the artists from this center who migrate to FASE, joining the management of this initiative Blanca del Río, curator and Mercedes Pimiento, artist.

Dràcul·la is the house and workshop of Mònica Planes and Àlex Palacín and the name of the project that energizes as an extension of their extremities. They collaborate or accompany artists in the development of projects that stretch over time seeking to get closer and get to know different creative processes from a closer view.
During the last year, they have presented the exhibition Yoyo by Stephane Carpinelli, El número del gamer by Camille Orny and El Quadre que parla by Enric Farrés Duran. Currently, they accompany a project in process by Pol Olivé that will be presented in the coming months.

Dràcul·la: Leonardo da Vinci 21, 3er pis FASE: Avinguda del Carrilet 183 08907 Hospitalet del Llobregat
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Dràcul·la: alexporfavor@hotmail.com
www.fase.xyz/ https://www.graf.cat/es/author/dracul-la/