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Logan B. Fields

LOGAN B. FIELDS (United States, 1996)

“I am an ordinary worker, a generalist...” reads Fields’s ‘Diary entries whilst traveling by coach’. The more abstract categorization of her work includes: perpetually displaced poetry; alterity craft; gesture art; interstitial inquiry. Fields herself simply calls it ‘play’. A belief in the recursive reductively of analytical interference, as pertains art in practice, is central to her capacity for action - often irrespective of format or consequence. The conscious choice of abandoning this state of interference is superseded by a convergence of act and intuition. As she explains in ‘Diary entries...’, “I play with tangible mediums to make manifest physical forms. This produces ideas that elude transcription.” In creating this cyclical game for herself, she is able to address ontological inquiry, the banality of quotidian routine, and the sustaining chords that linger in the chasm between the two.


Metàfora Centre d’Estudis

Metàfora is an independent, multidisciplinary art school in Barcelona. Our Studio Arts Programs consist of a 3 year visual arts program for students from starters level to advanced art practice.

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