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Private: LAB 36

Pablo Vindel

28 lapsus linguae

Coils, spindles, rotated shapes, mirrors…The pieces proposed for this exhibition is a set of videos, annealed and scientific glasses as well as large format drawings. All that are part of the same reflection (hesitation) about the language. The blown glass is presented here not just as creative and transformed material, revealing fabrication and manipulation process which is intrinsic of it but also as a connection between the object and the language, between the words and the body.

A slip, a lapsus linguae. Multiples, the strings are at the same time uncountable and infinite. The translations are limited and failed too, meanwhile can’t differ from the “original” and, as result of its own error imply countless possibilities. The heated glass must be in continuous movement to be shaped. Similarly the language must be in permanent movement to be transformed and not to be swallowed by immobility.

28 lapsus linguae point some of this inevitable lapsus, in their intent (the language or the body itself) for scape of mouth. Everything moves around fire.
This exhibition is a course through the blown glass ritual, video-poetry, drawings as performance documentation which was developed during his recent artist residency at Crative Glass of America Fellow, his experience at Stetson University (DeLand, Florida).

25 MAY 2019