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Alejandro Palacín


AS_TR_Y is a "meta-haiku" that represents, at the same time, the idea of "try" and "ashtray". An object of special interest to Alejandro Palacín as an archetype of the object-function, as a symbol of the possibility of satisfying our needs through creative production as an alternative to consumption. From this perspective, the exhibition will be developed as a "site-specific" that will try to burn up different objects-functional (within a neutral position) that pretend to be unnoticed and that builds up what we understand as an "exhibition". This is a project by Alejandro Palacín in collaboration with the platform "Gracias por su visita" (Sjors Bindels and Pol Ricart Herms) that faces a dialogue between the curatorial and the artistic practice with an experimental attitude.

28 FEB 2020