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Galeria Contrast

Elisa Capdevila

¿A qué sabe el silencio?

In their practice, Mural artists are used to living facing the environment, that Outside, a wall against the inclement weather and the vagaries of the social movement. "What does silence taste like?" by the artist Elisa Capdevilla is an exhibition that deals with the passage of time and its footprint, inspired by the current context after Covid19 confinement, in which we have been forced to observe life from a different perspective and at the same time a fixed view: our home. A muralist in confinement with her silence spends time creating art at her atellier.

From the window, both day and night have continued to happen and, although during this time everything has seemed more immobile and silent, the changes in the environment that surrounds us do not cease to occur. Staying still also allows us to focus our attention on things that previously went unnoticed, beyond being an event that only affects the way we observe the world, it also changes the way we observe ourselves.

20 OCT 2021