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La Escocesa, Centre de Creació

Daniel De La Barra , Guillermo Moreno Mirallas , José Caerols “Yisa” , Juan David Galindo , Julia Calvo , Lluc Baños , Marina Rubio , Milena Rossignoli

Acción de descarga

Artists in Residence of La Escocesa are inviting artists to participate in a collective project on the theme of Descargue— the act of losing energy. The door is open to any artistic rendering of this idea so as to provide for a multiplicity of interpretations.

In their proposal artists will specify the duration of their piece, which will be a kind of event with temporal dynamics and constant mutation.

Under this simple premise an exhibition will be created that will be in transition and in flux.

Four-teen  artists will participate in this project, creating a group action that will maintain the particularity of each participant.

Artists will converge from different backgrounds and medias to generate a meeting place that encourages exchange.

The project will put on display a questioning of time, space, and the very process of putting on an exhibition through a mechanism that in its own condition of descargarse generates its demise.


Daniel De La Barra · Marina Rubio · Lluc Baños Aixalà · José Yisa · Julia Calvo · Juan David Galindo · Guillermo Moreno · Milena Rossignoli

Guest artists:
Bernat Daviu · Mònica Porta · Gabriela Díaz . Anna Irina Russell · Javier Arango · Ilia Mayer · Luca Hugo Brucculeri · Nana Mandl · Sarah Sternat

21 MAY 2018