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Albert Gironès

The definitive theory

The Mount Chiliad mural is a mysterious drawing located on the inner wall of the funicular station on the top of the highest mountain in the virtual world of the video game Grand Theft Auto V. Since its release in 2013, the unknown meaning of the graffiti-although not relevant to the title's central story-has caused many players to develop extensive decoding theories that have been published in specialized blogs and You tube videos that have added to the mystery and curiosity.

The clear formal coincidence discovered at the time of superimposing the image of the mural and that of Puig Major (the highest mountain on the island of Mallorca and where many UFO sightings were documented during the 1970s), make it necessary to extend the investigation of the fictional area of the video game to the real plane of the island.

The definitive theory is an investigation carried out from archives of local newspapers of the time, internet forums, specialized second-hand books, declassified reports from the Ministry of Defense, television programs about paranormal phenomena, field research on the island of Mallorca, and a series of experiential actions related to various ufological references; which aims to decipher the virtual mural through popular UFO stories that occurred in the late seventies in the northwestern part of the island of Mallorca.

Project with the support of Sala d'Art Jove

25 NOV 2020