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Alalimón Galería

Gema Polanco

Como Dios manda

Como Dios manda arises from my personal experience, from something that I have lived and see constantly. It arises from my outrage to see every day that something so silenced and what nobody talks about affects us every day. With this project I want to break with the taboo and give light to a situation in which class, gender and race issues are interspersed. Starting as an example with a family, upper middle class Spanish women, and the oppressive situations to which they are exposed for the reproduction of an elite system, a western burqa that has rarely been pointed out or questioned.

Art has the great characteristic of showing things that normally remain silent that are hidden and that produce shame and this is clearly seen in this project.

As an object of study, I am based on the relations of oppression and power that occur between women within the same family environment, the role of women as reproductive, victim and accomplice of an oppressive system and the tactics and tools used for this exploring not aggressive forms of oppression that we all know. Analyzing it and telling it from a perspective which accepts an analysis of gender, class and race, are already issues that are clearly interspersed in these problems.

Both the work itself and the research is a graph of the power relations that underlie everyday situations.

I believe to transcend. Through the images I can discover, analyze, and understand the world, most times intuitively. The images are the bounded doors through which I enter other worlds, are the doors through which I acquire knowledge, educate myself, evolve and therefore transcend. Wanting to share this experience is what makes me want to show my work. I believe in the power of photography and art to improve the world and also we as people, and it is through images that I try to make this happen.

The pieces can work as a mirror or as a reflection in a quiet swamp, where suddenly you realize that what happens in the background is more important than what you see on the surface.

This is something that I take into account in my work, the surface works as an aesthetic part, as an attractive part, it is the part that forces you to look out, to want to see, to later discover the existence of something in many occasions deeper, sometimes subtle but fundamental to understand the world, to transcend, whether small details or nuances, that somehow approach fundamental questions of human behavior.

25 NOV 2020