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Galeria H2O

Mauri Anter , Tamara Ablameiko


Through drawing, painting and collage, Tamara Ablameiko and Mauri Anter expose in their work a symbology related to certain aspects of reality and creating an apparently incoherent map of images.

In this exhibition entitled Baryogenesis, both artists show a collection of works with a similar symbolic language. They use invented abstractions that turn to be malleable or even sharp when addressing complex topics.

Mauri Anter’s works have a specific way of expression, in which he associates apparently disjointed concepts to articulate a message in an irrational way that proves to be coherent. Thus, he evokes his sensitive and intuitive vision of the world by on the basis of stars, elements of the universe, abstract and figurative shapes. All of this in the same space to create a specific cosmos. On the other hand, Tamara Ablameiko shows quotidian scenes where there are women, though nor their presence neither their conducts can be widely understood. She lets the observer glimpse an intention shaped by different elements interacting to unveil their most intimate aspects and demanding the dissociation of any convention and prejudice.

Both proposals emanate from the use of an aesthetic involved in a certain tendency of deforming.

12 DEC 2019