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Alberto Gil Cásedas

PW6 AA Leucofobia Test: White on White

NoguerasBlanchard is pleased to present PW6 AA Leucofobia Test: White on White by artist Alberto Gil Cásedas. The pieces that populate the exhibition space accompany us to the exploration of the blank canvas and the white pigment, both in its multiple conceptual meanings and in its materiality.
The blank canvas, as well as the blank page, is a lightening space that welcomes the infinite
possibilities of thought that have not yet taken concrete form. If on the one hand the blank canvas represents the empty space that any artist faces at the moment of creation, the pigment white, whose number gives title to the exhibition (PW6 AA), refers us to the composition and permanence of the paint used in the production process of the pieces. White is a color that usually does not distract us, it does not question us, it is the color of silence, of the clean, of the neutral, the color that institutions wear.
However, the subtle interventions on the fabrics and the different uses of the white pigment show us that this color is neither as clean, nor as neutral, nor as indifferent as we imagined. The white is full of grays, of shades, of acrylic modulations.

25 MAY 2019