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Ana Mas Projects

Oscar Holloway

Cows Twombly

Cows Twombly proposes a graphic fantasy. The meeting point of the characteristic graphics of the artist Cy Twombly (1928-2011) with a compilation of graphic representations of bovids, dating from the second half of the 19th century. The furry flanks of cows, oxen and braves welcome these graphics, and incorporate them into a pictorial framework that, far from having artistic claims in its original conception, aims to point out and celebrate the genetic characteristics granted through the selective crossing of specimens, emphasizing its most characteristic features such as the prominence of the neck, the protuberance of the loins or the straightness of the back.

The proposal is based on the cross between the surface, texture and plot of the drawings and engravings of the bovids, with the gestural lines of Twombly, creating a playful, suggestive and gentle gallery, which plays at conceiving the back of animals as a board or canvas for Twombly. Or also, it can be interpreted backwards, as if Twombly's strokes were part of the pigmentation of cow hair, dizzying the notions of originality and expression. On the other hand, Naxos, Apollo and Venus (classic names from Twombly's graphic imaginary) are pretty good names of ox, bravo and cow, right?

25 NOV 2020