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Clara Godes , Nil Joan , Òscar Clarissó

Després de tot, arribar a res

The exhibition "Després de tot, arribar a res", presented at Homesession as part of ArtNou, is made up of the artistic proposals of Clara Godes, Nil Joan and Òscar Clarissó. Their projects explore in an archaeological way the biography of the materials that conform different spaces: urban, rural and digital. The three artists aim to find disruptive elements within the apparent linear succession of the productive chain of materials and, at the same time, to activate that which could have changed the evolution of the narratives associated with different objects, images and spaces. Curated by the artist Helena Vinent, this exhibition is the result of three research projects developed with the support of the Teaching Innovation Group "Art, Profession and Teaching" of the Department of Visual Arts and Design of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona.

10 AUG 2022