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Tangent Projects

Carla Souto

Doubts and mountains

How do you look at a mountain? The solemnity of a mountain has been imagined, told and read, dreamed, dismembered, deconstructed and transported. A body formed for the conquest, for the road, the expedition, the drift that allows the cave, the climb, the fall. Where does a mountain end? Where does it begin? A mountain is, above all, a gaze. It is a name given, it is a portrait. What does being a mountain imply? It is a figure that stands out, it is an outline that is observed, that is painted. Can a mountain grow? Its orography is framed, it is carved and pulverized, it is covered, filled and crossed. By owning the land that covers the mountain, do you really own a part of the mountain?

The exhibition Doubts and mountains traversed by a brush or pen and unpainted canvases through the incomprehensible scale of a mountain. How to become a mountain? How to possess (a) mountain? The unresolved poems by Carla Souto, seeded throughout the relief of the exhibition space, question the limits of materiality in bread sculptures, with questions about the peaks, from drawing, installation, video.

What's under a mountain? Tangent Projects becomes a landscape, where the perceptions about mountains and limits, about shape and drawing, can be blurred with questions; a place where the alien, the fixed, the unknown, the immense is made malleable; a landscape for mountains of doubts.

By repeating the word mountain, does it lose its meaning?

Curator of the exhibition: Laura Olea López

27 NOV 2020