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Joan Prats Warehouse

Marcel Rubio Juliana

El retorn a Ripollet

Marcel Rubio Juliana expresses himself mainly through drawing and painting, although his approach to creation has to do with the literary essay. Large charcoal canvases and oil miniatures confer the rhythm of a fragmented story that develops an apparently linear story, with unity of time and place. We could see certain analogies with the “nouveau roman”, where different points of view are adopted away from the narrator's unique vision and where the writing itself acquires autonomy regardless of what is written. The Dogma film script could be another reference: both use real locations, flee from superfluous effects and seek a crude realism, creating a series of rules to follow and, sometimes, to transgress.
El retorn a Ripollet, work that he will present at Galeria Joan Prats on the occasion of Artnou 2020, brings together a wide range of unpublished works, made between 2018 and 2019.
Alluding to his own experiences and desires, the artist evokes a summer day in which an unknown person unknowingly becomes the main character of a singular story. Located in a coastal city near Barcelona, ​​different sequences invite us on a journey in which, following a phenomenological method, contemplation, drift and falling in love offer a precise description of the environment.
The narration follows in the footsteps of a beautiful young man, from the train station to the city center, passing by the beach, the Yacht Club and various shopping streets, creating a cinematographic record of the places evoked. It also shows us bodies enjoying the water, the view of the sun over the sea, a kiosk, the facade of a theater, stains of humidity on the wall, a flower, a group of friends on a bar´s terrace... everything is there, present in the memory, although everything could be imagined.

25 NOV 2020