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Pigment Gallery (Hotel Miramar)

Eduardo Albanell

Forward Motion

“Forward Motion” represents a collection of works created over the last two years. My process, though destructive at times, is one of continual forward motion. The paintings are built up over time. With no predetermined path, they morf and evolve and live many lives, and the canvas serves as a record of this history. Each piece begins with a bit of disorder. In near frenzied fits, I add layer after layer of material until eventually I uncover a landscape of marks and motifs. Once this overall harmony emerges, the chaos settles, and I tighten, refine, and redefine the composition at a slower, more meticulous pace. The obsessive dots and lines that unite these works offer a sense of order and finality to an otherwise turbulent, action-based body of work.

20 OCT 2021