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Helena Civit Kopeinig


ProjecteSD’s proposal for Art Nou 2021 is not conceived as an exhibition in a conventional format, but as the possibility of offering the gallery’s framework to the artist Helena Civit, to do a first presentation of her work. It is not a question of selecting a series of finished works ready to be exhibited, but we do not want to reduce the presentation it to a an ephemeral event. The idea is to use part of the gallery as a container space, as a capsule of fragments where works by the artist, mainly objects, but also other elements that are not or may not be artworks, but that are part of her creative process, references, clippings, intuitions which provide meaning are collected. Given the artist’s youth and short career, we find it more interesting to use this modest, not opulent format for the artist to expose herself and get in touch with the audience in a very direct and unstaged way. Although some of the ingredients of the presentation may be inserted or attached to walls, the initial approach is to lay this capsule of "fragments" by Helena Civit, on a table, understanding the table as a more private workspace, but also as a domestic and real element, where many things are mixed and where the line between the finished artwork and the space of thought, refuge or passage, is blurred.

10 AUG 2022