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Galeria Contrast

Guido Iafigliola


What if we were living on the edge of a new era? And the combination between technology and biology is creating a new kind of human who is going to be half biological and half digital. Sounds like a crazy thing from a movie, but it is actually happening: the current development of biotechnology, the new body implants, cyborgs, robots, the birth of the Artificial Intelligence. Nowadays the world is authority shifting away from humans to algorithms. More and more decisions –about personal lives, about economic matters, about political matters- are actually being taken by algorithms. And I think this is going to be increased for a while. This big change in human era is already happening right now and it is occurring so naturally, that we do not even realize it. Through my landscapes creation, I am trying to represent this changing era: our marriage with technology. I don't find the locations I choose unsatisfactory, I find this big change amazing and I want to represent it in some way. The new view of what we think we are. My artwork is mostly based upon my personal feelings and existential concerns. But additionally, a percentage of my works is just abstract and furthermore open to any interpretation. I found abstract dimension extremely interesting. I really enjoy creating abstract pieces and it is my pleasure to observe all the reactions it may provoke. Whatever, each user is his own creator, and I genuinely love that approach.

28 FEB 2020