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Isaac Peral 7, 2a planta

Gracias por su visita

Gracias por su visita (por Gracias por su visita)

The main idea behind Gracias por su visita is to create and offer a platform in
which horizontal dialogues and transferences can be established. The duo's
name refers to the napkins spread in Spain in its restaurant and bar culture.
Those napkins that we always find on the napkin rings on the top of the table, for
free use and thanking the visit to customers. This seemingly basic gesture can
be understood as something very wide, generous and spectacular, a metaphor
that speaks of an open, welcoming and inclusive object that embraces the guest
and gives importance to everything that happens and is shared around it.

Gracias por su visita for Art Nou 2021 opens its doors to its first physical space,
a provisional space, shared with the artist Rafa Castells, located on the second
floor of the Mercader Building (L'Hospitalet de Llobregat), above the galleries
Nogueras Blanchard and Ana Mas Projects, where in both, they will be curating
the exhibitions of Art Nou 2021: with Ikram Bouloum (Nogueras Blanchard) and
Willem de Haan (Ana Mas Projects).

On this second floor, Gracias por su visita will offer a moment of pause and
disconnection to the public who are visiting the galleries. A moment to have a tea,
a coffee, a beer or a snack (depending on the day and time of the visit, by
appointment) between Tuesday 22nd of June, Art Nou’s opening, and Wednesday
8th of September. In this space, there will also be displayed works and
interventions by artists with whom Gracias por su visita is collaborating during the
last years, and a program under the title “Cafè amb…” (“Coffee with…”) during
the four fist Thursdays of Art Nou 2021 (between the 24th of June and the 15th
of July). In this way, Gracias por su visita’s project will show its role; of promoting,
giving visibility and voice, and helping young artists to grow professionally from
Barcelona’s context.

20 OCT 2021