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àngels barcelona

María Alcaide

Guǎnlǐ de shǒu. The managed hand.

Guǎnlǐ de shǒu is the phonetic translation in Chinese of the title 'The managed hand' (Kang, 2003), a study about work in beauty salons run by Asian migrants, specialized in nail or manicure art and sometimes, they offer massage services. María Alcaide develops in this exhibition some previous research lines, focusing on making visible the economic conditions of a precarious young class. In this project, the gallery becomes a kind of aesthetic center to talk about emotional work linked to the provision of services related to the body. In this way, certain mechanisms of privilege and oppression that take place in these beauty salons are highlighted. Hands that work other hands, hands that touch but never get affected: the managed hands.

15 JUL 2020