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Ikram Bouloum


“Ha-bb5” is an EP that links together two performances from Ikram Bouloum; one presented in March 2020 at the Mutek Festival in Barcelona, and the other in June 2020 in the “Distàncies a fi de mes”at MACBA. This six-song project will be released in May 2021 along with a music video for the first single; and in June there will be the official presentation in the cycle “Els concerts de la Fabra”. “Ha-bb5” emerges from an initial idea of depicting a tragedy and a birth of a creature which represents the alter ego of Ikram Bouloum. Of a feminist, emancipated and innovative character, the music that “Ha-bb5” aims to explore and give rise to a radical sound that disassemblys the two establishments of cultural shock dichotomy, to create a space of its own, empowered and secure. “Ha-bb5” appropriates the club's discursive space because it sees the party as a space born into the binomial of evasion and resistance, two qualities needed to generate the political and aesthetic dialogue it poses in its plot. The project follows an aesthetic based on the cultural and personal heritage of Ikram Bouloum as opposed to that which is contemporary and western. Also, and bearing this in mind, Ikram Bouloum's search for this project is to deploy an aesthetic dialogue between the most contemporary electronics in the West and a personal reinterpretation of the popular musical aesthetic and the Maghreb dance.

20 OCT 2021