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Marc Ávila Català

Homo et Natura

Sunlight penetrates the last volatized particles of mercury. The residue is a stain that
spreads and untamed mail the ground, until it reaches the nakedness of the body, which
gradually erases any sign of identity on the face. the nakedness of the body, which little by
little, erases any sign of identity on the face. An archaeological need arises from oblivion,
to rediscover inscribed in the bony geographies, a path that deciphers a continents of
Homo et Natura is a photographic series born from a malaise. From time to time, the
school organized a drill. As if we were suffering a bombing, sirens sounded in the distance.
A hypothetical toxic cloud produced by the chemical plant in the neighboring town was
approaching. From this memory, within the images, an anonymous individual survives,
trying to find his way in front of an industrially dehumanized scenario.
The matter concentrated in the photographs is the same waste generated in the laboratory
to obtain them. The presence of the residue makes the photographic medium unstable by
a constant process of contamination

10 AUG 2022