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Tau Lewis

I heard a heartbeat down in the black hole

Lewis’ work is concerned with resourcefulness, both spiritual and material. And how this resourcefulness is historically such an integral part of black cultural production. She asks questions about what it means for peoples in the diaspora to wander and seek. What does the tendency towards seeking, and the labor of collecting and archiving represent in us as a people?

For her project I heard a heartbeat down in the black hole at Cordova, Lewis creates a site-specific installation with her mother Patty Kelly. Kelly, who over 30 years ago painted watercolor portraits, is one of Lewis’ most important influences and collaborators. In her family home, Lewis grew up admiring these images. As she continues to grow her practice, it’s apparent to her the impact that the space her mother created has had on her. I heard a heartbeat down in the black hole is a story about love and triumph. The exhibition is activated as a site where the past is revisited and celebrated across personal, historical and imagined territories.

24 JUN 2021