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Metàfora Centre d’Estudis

Ely Daou , Logan B. Fields

It started with water


Curated by Alexia Medici

In this intangible, online exhibition you are invited to explore and reflect on the history of various emblematic places in the neighborhoods of Sants and les Corts using subjective perspective as a way of seeing. The first part of the project consists of an online exhibition navigated via mobile phones through QR codes presented on site. As from May, the exhibition will no longer be completely online: each month one artist will present an artwork exhibited on the historic site for which it was created, thus creating layers of interpretations of historical memory.

II. A CALLING BATH - by Logan B. Fields

Can a table speak for itself? If it could, would we know? There is often a temptation to outline our limits. An impulse to name what we can perceive, to codify in our own terms, to make claims to knowledge. I am interested in our failures to address obfuscated subjects and the inadequacy of common communication. I am interested in the “voice” of the other. Including the marginalized voices of the Spiritist and Curandero. 'A Calling Bath' and 'A Table Moved' were created out of an urge to reconcile the persecution of characters like Unceti Maria Nicasi and the Spiritists of Sants, whilst addressing the limits of their methodology. I propose to clear space for undeniable assertions of silenced matter and to seek beauty in the conduit without the necessity to understand.

III. HIDE AND SEEK - by Ely Daou If someone is in hiding, they have secretly gone somewhere where they cannot be seen or found. Hiding might take different forms and annotations: Young children across the globe enjoy playing games of hide and seek. There’s something highly exciting for children about escaping someone else’s glance and making one-self invisible. On the other side, hiding might be a form of saving one’s life, with the purpose of seeking safety and thus escaping danger. Being born in Beirut, during the Lebanese civil war, hiding was essential for survival during a part of my childhood. In “Hide and Seek” I travel in my memory -and in history- to recall vague experiences and images of my grandma’s shelter during the war.

20 OCT 2021