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FASE + Dràcul·la

Adelaida Antúnez Egurbide , Àlex Solé Agudelo , Alexander Arilla , Anna Dot i Palma Lombardo , Bernat Daviu , Carlos González Boy , Cayetano Truyols , Cuina.li (Pol Olivé i Jaume Clotet) , Daniel Moreno Roldán , Esther Gatón , Laia Caballero (KANNO) , Marianne Vieulès , Marion Balac , Pablo del Pozo , Paco Chanivet , Paula Bruna , Ricardo Padín Terré , Serafín Álvarez , Stephane Carpinelli , Tirso Orive Liarte , Toni Navarro (La Plebeya)

La mina de sal – La sed animal

We propose a role-playing game that will take form as an exhibition or, in other words, an exhibition that will be nothing but a role-playing game where the artists' proposals will spin a narrative.
We start from the Stories of Camille by Dona Haraway. They narrate a near future where the human species has been reduced to small populations and new life forms are generated by mixing human genes with other species such as animals or plants while creating new forms of kinship and relationship between humans and between species. On July 11, a few will be called to make a decision that can change everything ...

Project curated by Margot Cuevas, Gisela Chillida, Daniel Moreno, Mònica Planes and Àlex Palacín.
From 5pm at Dràcul·la space (Leonardo da Vinci 21, 3th floor)

27 NOV 2020