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El Cuarto del recreo

Pol Olivé

Lace Food & Drinks

El Cuarto del recreo | Joaquín Costa 30, 08001, Barcelona (dentro de la galería etHALL) | www.elcuartodelrecreo.weebly.com
On its first participation in Art Nou, El Cuarto del recreo will present Lace Food & Drinks, a project by
Pol Olivé. Between September 4 and 18, Lace will make six events where the public will be able to
taste an exclusive selection of “bikinis” (sandwich), wines and ginger-ale.

Inviting Lace, we want to give importance to the fact that El Cuarto del recreo is a meeting place, in
this case to taste good wines and “bikinis” within a comfortable atmosphere. To approach the social
and relational, a bar, as an artistic practice.

Family, food and wine, friends, emergent, trip, couple, tourism, production... they will be winks that will
appear in this exhibition that coincides with the end of the holidays and the beginning of going back
to work. Lace will be accompanied by the interventions and collaborations of Diosnidor Distributions
S.L, Jaume Clotet and Cristian Herrera, and Bo Bannink and Willem de Haan.

25 MAY 2019