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Galeria Senda

Carla Cascales

Le temps

The exhibition revolves around time and its significance in our society. We tend to articulate our life around a universal idea of time that we have imposed ourselves. The exhibition questions the existence of time as we have defined it and the essence of its meaning.

Her work consists of a search for balance between opposites, in this case, between the concept of the transience of time and, at the same time, of its infinity. Each second is fleeting and unrecoverable, but at the same time, it embodies the birth of a new second, which is infinitely repeated.

The exhibition consists of a series of sculptures and paintings in a dialogue with each other, about the beauty of the passage of time. Carla Cascales work is a tribute to the acceptance of degradation, irregularity, and authenticity as occurs in the Japanese 'wabi-sabi’ culture - an idea of beauty far removed from its Western conception, where the passing of time is seen as an element to hide or correct, despite its inevitable nature.

06 DEC 2020