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Noela Covelo Velasco , Alejandro Palacín , Victor Ruiz Colomer


The word "parallax", a term used especially in the field of astronomy, is the effect of the change of position of an observer with respect to the observed object. In Parallax, Noela Covelo Velasco, Alejandro Palacín and Victor Ruiz Colomer also propose multiple positions from which to view the exhibition itself and thus point to different structures that define it.

Just as the perspective of the celestial bodies changes depending on the time and space where the viewer is located, in Parallax, the viewers' perspective on the exhibition is also changing. The pieces will be added or changed thanks to the result of open work groups that will promote the meeting and the sharing of knowledge. Times, spaces and symbolic values will be altered: the assembly time will be an exhibition; so will the street in front of the exhibition space; and objects with no apparent status as a work of art, such as a ladder or a work table, will acquire another value.


20 OCT 2021