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Espronceda Center for Art and Culture


With People the artist wants to explore the mystery and the complexity of human being and the depth of human existence. Her main interest is to describe, to oserve story, voices coming from the street, daylife life scenes and faces. Any emotions, fears, joy, feelings that are behind a face of everyone. That’s why her work is closely connected to the city, long walks to get any feelings, impressions of different people, their gestures and expressions. The artist wants to explore the city of Barcelona, lost herself in the street, listen the sound of he voices, observing people in their daylife to reproduce not only a simple portrait but an universal story. The big size of the paintings will permit to the audience to reflect themselves into a miror, to be captured by the emtions. Clara Dittmer wants to play with the spatiality of imagine and mind. People is not just a portrait but a bridge between human emotions, memory and ourselves. Con la Gente, el artista quiere explorar el misterio y la complejidad del ser humano y la profundidad de la existencia humana. Su interés principal es describir, observar historias, voces provenientes de la calle, escenas de la vida cotidiana y rostros. Cualquier emoción, miedos, alegrías, sentimientos que estén detrás de un rostro de todos.

10 APR 2021