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Rocío Olivares


Rebobinar is Rocio Olivares’ first solo show. After living for four years in New York City,
where she has been part of prestigious educational programs and artist residencies,
Olivares comes to Barcelona to present a compilation of her most recent works as well
as a new piece specially made for the context of Dilalica during Artnou.
Among the works presented, the video piece Viva Coco! is an appropriation exercise
that was made from footage of a Chanel fashion show of a Cruise Collection that
happened on June 2016 in Havana, Cuba. According to the artist: “Chanel’s footage
crystalizes many aspects of the complicated relationship between the US and the
Americas. Making this video was a personal effort of appropriating this fantasy
manufactured by Chanel, a fantasy built over cultural and historical appropriation, by
narrating throughout the fashion show, Cuba’s recent history. I’ve turned the footage
backwards and wrote 3 different scripts, presented in the voiceovers and subtitles.”
The show will also include Megamansions , a series of five digital collages where
Olivares appropriates mansions images stolen from the Internet and modifies them
Rocio Olivares has been invited to Barcelona by the co-director of Dilalica, Cati Bestard.
They both met while studying a Master in Fine Arts at Columbia University and since
then have shared hours of conversation about their works, getting to know very well the
evolution of their practices.

23 SEP 2020