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Galeria H2O

Emma Llorente Palacio


In this exhibition, the artist Emma Llorente Palacio shows us the latent power of the receptive through an intimate dialogue with the clay. Her work, characterized by an understanding of life cycles, proposes new ways of recovering the connection with our body in a world that constantly distances us from its rhythms and latencies. The proposal, presented for the first time in gallery H2O, is based on three series that symbolize how menstruation, pregnancy and the functioning of ovarian reserves operate through the body. The first proposal, “matrioshkas”, works around the pre-menstrual, menstrual and menopausal periods through a set of ceramic vessels. The second proposal, “sonajeros”, is a call to the passage of time through the ritual of menstrual detachment, where thirty-two delicate clay eggs house more than four hundred minute clay eggs with which, moon after moon, life is generated or detached. The last of the series, “matrices”, concretizes in nine pauses the increase of the size of a uterus, from conception to delivery. The entire exhibition, accompanied by sketches, diagrams and reflections, is a journey through the body, surrender, detachment, and the flow of life through an intuitive and honest material dialogue.

Text: Marta Camps Banqué

27 NOV 2020