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Galerie K

Ana Pulido Castro , Fabià Claramunt Sánchez , Júlia García Bofill , Miquel Serratosa

Short Distance

Short Distance
GALERIE-K project for Art Nou-Barcelona, 2019.
The title “Short Distance” explains the two meanings of GALERIE-K´s
participation in Art-Nou, 2019. On the one hand, it refers to the still
short journey of the young artists who are presented, on the other
hand it points to short distance, proximity, something available,
palpable as places proper to the communicative wealth and the
We show the works of four artists who use four different but
complementary languages in their communicative intentions, to
evoke the need for short and immediate distances, inevitable for
artistic communication.

FABIÀ CLARAMUNT uses the reference abstraction, an adaptation to
the contemporaneity of the premises of avant-garde abstraction. The
pictorial images he proposes always emanate from real situations,
often from social anomalies, which transform into resolutions of high
visual interest transferable to contemporary ideological, social or
ethical conflicts.
JÚLIA GARCÍA is interested in conducting artistic communication with
her own body. It is the body that generates the questions and the
one that points to the answers. This research, clearly conceptual, is
concretized on this occasion with the creation of formal elements
adapted to the human body in the form of jewels that are shown on
the dialectic body / ornament.
ANA PULIDO bases her work on the accumulation, overlay,
confrontation or annulment of visual and textual elements that make
up a narration of open meanings, framed, however, within the
contradictory parameters between society and privacy. Her position
refers to a graphic language that can only be elaborated from the
synchrony between emotional experience and theoretical
MIQUEL SERRATOSA develops in his work an expressionist vision,
material and a sensory search for all that is represented. Don't want
to do distinctions between abstraction and representation. Shapes,
landscapes or figures can arise from abstraction and at the same time
decline in a abstraction that represents emotional perception or some

27 OCT 2020