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Tangent Projects

Beatrice Simoncini Amado

Somos Constructos

Somos Constructos ("We are constructs") is a project born from a strong tie to philosophical, critical and political essays. Information that was acquired during a long time is concentrated in an installation which combines sculpture and painting connected via an assemblage of threads of different nature. In this space, one is invited to a micro and macro political reading of the elements that form the piece, thus establishing a relationship between one's own identity and the total of the works. At the same time, the underlying concept of "expanded painting" in the exposition frees the works from their limits and allows them to reach new terms, taking part of a language that leads to different ways of experimenting the ties between art and politics to rediscovering new contact areas. To summarize, it generates living tissue using text, physical pieces, thinking and ideas.

20 OCT 2021