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Sixtine Jacquart


Porcelain makes you want to touch it. It refers to a fossil, solid aspect, but its fragility also evokes the possibility of getting broken. To project ourselves in a tool we have to imagine a function and desire it. The will is to question this interaction between the body that discovers the object and the space that welcomes it.

A person interacts differently with an object according to his/her culture and according to his/her feeling of freedom. The place changes the scale, the distance between the body and the object.

The challenge is to know these factors and to break them. Thus, the form is between a space, an object and a body. This results in installations, performances and objects-actions.

For this exhibition, each work is accompanied by a technical drawing that proposes a gesture to the viewer. Beyond the contemplative aspect, the sculptures lend themselves to being manipulated and by manipulation, each one can lodge a presence in the hollow of forms. This manipulation can be active or simply contemplative. Once again, the works seek to confront the senses: the touch, the movement, the noise; through them they take to the game and the surpises.

25 MAY 2019