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Julia Llerena

The whole as an object

Julia Llerena’s artistic practice blends elements of archive work and archeology. She works with objects found
in the sorrounding environment, vestiges of the everyday through which she creates an orderly personal archive
following the logics related to language and affections. In the project presented by RocioSantaCruz at
Art Nou 2018 “The whole as an object”, the artist deepens in her research the possibilities of resignification
that these seemingly valueless discarded objects can offer: fragmentary elements that are presented as
witnesses of the consumerist culture and behavior of our contemporary civilization, which are subject to an
order based on their material and aesthetic qualities.
Llerena’s projects draw from strong philosophical-literary roots and Georges Perèc imposes himself as
one of her main references. The French writer sets out in Life a user’s manual (La Vie mode d’emploi, 1978)
a series of descriptions that, articulated according to combinatorial art, become an exciting way of describing
the universe starting solely from the elements found in a house. Llerena appropriates this methodology and
adapts it to her field of work in order to “give a false habitable appearance to the Infinite”.
Another of the fundamental pillars of her artistic discourse is Jacques Derrida and, more specifically, the consideration
he makes in Derrida for Architects - Thinkers for Architects (1986) about deconstruction as a way of
construction related to writing and language. Following this line of thoughts, some of Julia Llerena’s pieces
establish morphological relationships between objects and letters in order to contribute to the resignification
of what, in other circumstances, would be nothing more than a waste material.

25 MAY 2019