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Cera 13 & TKM Room

Adelaida AE , c41582028 , Da Rocha , Gabriel Virgilio Luciani , Gina Guasch , Niel , Pepdepalma , Regina AKA Register Registrated , Stefano Romes , Yansi Soler

Tkm Room b2b Cera

There are 3 million vessels that remain on the seabed. It is the oldest threat to the oldest method of transportation. It generates wreckage; material that is convertible, reusable. The concept of the shipwreck is an archetypal narrative device: Man vs. Nature, the Odyssey, the wrath of earth and coincidence. It also implies a new beginning after tragedy; a loss of everything, a cure, a rehabilitation, a reset. The regenerative notion of tragedy is shared by contemporary creative agents; the creatures that feed off the remains, who inhabit the demolition, who use rubbish to build something new. They succumb to the aftermath of disasters, they accept the lingering effects of sickness. Creative creatures that convert traumatic reminders into a fertile substance, causing a material and psychic regenesis.

23 SEP 2020