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Chiquita Room

Sara Agudo Millán

To talk about trees

To Talk About Trees is a project that reflects on how to perceive our current link with nature and the environmental crisis. Parts from a verse of the poem "What Kind Of Times Are These"! by Adrienne Rich, that responds to Bertolt Brecht's poem "To Those Who Follow In Our Wake" in which he wonders if it is not a crime to talk about trees in dark times because it implies silencing so much injustice. Some years later, Adrienne Rich replies that listening is necessary to talk about trees. The exhibition questions what we currently value and how this choice conditions our relationship with the environment, inviting us to rethink what we don’t pay attention to. The project consists of a publication based on a collection of texts from various sources displayed in the space, a series of recordings, photographs and an ephemeral installation of plant elements.

22 JAN 2022