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La Cera 13

Adelaida Antúnez Egurbide , Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca , Jose Luis Barquero , c41582028 aka Carles Castaño , profesor Combate , David Corral Lamelas , Alejandro González da Rocha , Gina Guasch , Jakob Kolb , Amara Nasira , Jose Manuel Pérez Ferrández , Manuel del Rincón , Raul Paez Rodríguez , Stefano Romes Statti , Register Registrated Aka Regina Rossell Aka Regina San Martino , Gabriel Virgilio Luciani

Volver a empezar

Starting over is a proposal that falls between intuition and fun. Going back is going around, “to direct, to lead something to something else, […]". Even saying the verb “to return” in Spanish (volver) invades the chest with the sound “vol" which is close to the Spanish word for “will" (voluntad): the want to do something. It’s returning with the will to fall into a return, to go so far into it until becoming it. The return is movement, and if there’s one thing LaCera13 has never lacked, it is incessant movement. Although, all movement, or orbiting motion, requires states of non-motion to return to its centre. To return requires having left. Going back requires going back, rediscovering, renaming, rebuilding, redefining. This is a group exhibition that intends to reactivate the activity of LaCera13, with confusion, with insolence and with the blind ambition necessary to bring together artists who, far from being united by ideas or by their thematic content, have been united by time and friendship. These voices meet once more to fill up the space with will; with desire to share and question, to give voice to what is roaring inside. Starting over is a way of passing the baton between artists who have already passed through the space and artists who are passing through it now. Without further ado, we invite you to return.

10 AUG 2022