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Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo

Léo Dorfner

Where do the rockets find planets?

Worlds collide in the work of Léo Dorfner; we see high art, mythology and popular media combine to create an azure-inked cacophony of cultures. Dorfner, a Parisian native, was educated at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris and has shown in France, Germany, and South Korea.

Dorfner’s work acts as a crystallization of today. Just as we exist in a society balancing on the thin line between progress and tradition, Dorfner’s art brings together the past and present in exciting and, often, humorous ways (it is difficult not to let out an amused exhale at a mickey mouse tattoo on the cheek of Andromaque). There is a quiet rebellion running through his work that manifests itself as an obvious product of time; the idea that Dorfner chooses to corrupt established forms through graffiti and photo manipulation is impossible to sever from the images created by the instagram-generation. With the introduction of social media, satire has shifted from the written form to images; a meme now holds as much weight as the Borowitz report when critiquing current events. Dorfner’s art sits on this spectrum of social satire, sliding to opposite poles with every new work.

His creative process also lends itself to be considered thoroughly modern. When asking about his source of inspiration, Dorfner responded: “It depends also of the moment, for example I always have a camera on me, so when I see something interesting, I shoot it. Sometimes I use the photo as a photo, sometimes, I incorporate it in paintings. I also spend a lot of time searching photos on the internet, that feeds my process of creation, and is a part of my painting work.”

Hannah Brattesani

25 MAY 2019