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Guided Visit to Hangar ateliers

DATE: 14 September, 4 - 8.30 pm
VENUE: Arts Santa Mònica

Guided visits to the artists’ studios residents in Hangar for a group of professionals in the culture and arts sector, in order to learn about the work of these artists, start a dialogue with other professionals of the field, and establish new collaborations and work dynamics among the participants.

Resident artists: Ali Yerdel · Rafael Pérez Evans · Alejandra Avilés · Paco Chanivet · Patricia Fernández Antón · Patricio Rivera · Florian Freier · Eliana Beltrán · Lucía Egaña Rojas · Floy Krouchi · Rubén Patiño · Francisco Navarrete Sitja · Tali Serruya · Mercedes Magrané · Lara Fluxà · Kuo-Wei Lin

Registration at sergi@hangar.org