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Infinito artificial, exhibition by Fernando Maselli

Exhibition at Rocio Sata Cruz

Fernando Maselli (Buenos Aires, 1978). All his work reflects, artistically and philosophically, on the concept of the sublime (linked to nature and divinity). His intention is to place before the audience a spellbinding spectacle that leads them to question themselves about the conscience of the universe, our beliefs and our own origin.

His artistic approach to the subject is more of a modern than a post-modern nature. Maselli conceives, interprets and represents nature with codes of admiration and elevation (of mythification), and not of critical questioning, like the transcendental and heroic view of the subject held by some of the American authors of modern photography (Adams, Weston). Only in last quarter of the twentieth century would people begin to suggest that the Earth was being severely threatened by our unconscionable attitude as one of the planet’s animal species. But Maselli’s work is not intended to be either a socio-political or an ecological criticism. He only seeks sublimation in the majesty of nature and in what Burke called artificial infinite (an element that repeats itself many times in a constant configuration and without interruptions generates a sensation of the infinite in the spectator). Our artist spends several days bivouacking in the high mountains and photographing the same mountain from various angles and locations; later, in his studio, he recomposes those pieces in a monumental landscape
newly recreated with Burke’s artificial infinite effect.

Jesús Micó