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Wednesday to friday from 11 a 14hand from 16 a 18h; saturday from 11 a 15h

Dilalica opens in May 2019 as an artistic experimentation centre run by Louis-Charles Tiar and Cati Bestard. Most of the projects will be new productions created and curated by the internal team, distributed between Madrid, Barcelona and New York.

The programme will combine its own research related to the artistic process itself, such as the creation of tools to generate works, the appropriation and tension between the physical format and the digital; with proposals that investigate more transversal questions about social constructions such as genre or architecture as a system. Curators and external agents will also be invited to participate and propose other exhibition research.

The Maio architects, whose practice is defined by working in physical spaces that allow theoretical positions to be materialised, are responsible for the gallery reform project. With the idea of blurring the boundaries of the white cube, they have made the minimum changes required to adapt the premises to the regulations, through very visible gestures. In the future, the space will be transformed according to its needs.

Trafalgar, 35
08010 Barcelona
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