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El Cuarto del recreo

Tuesday to Friday 11-19h

El Cuarto del recreo is a self-managed project-space that takes place in one of the rooms of etHALL gallery.
Its aim is to experiment with alternative uses of conventional art distribution channels in Barcelona, and to
investigate a possible new role of exhibition spaces as a cultural activatiors.

El Cuarto del recreo is a platform for interaction and social and relational contact, where the rigidity and
seriousness of what we understand as “exhibition space” is lost, with the will to create community and be
a space to share and contribute to the artistic collective, through the weekly organization of various events
(activities, workshops, games, concerts, etc.).

El Cuarto del recreo wants to be an active participant in the artistic reality of the city, by hosting projects and
inviting artists to make them feel the space as their own house. A space for exchange and communicate; from
experimentation, research, creation, dissemination and entertainment; providing a dynamic, flexible, open
and welcoming space where everyone feels involved and comfortable.

A meeting point for novice artists or professionals from different disciplines and social groups, curators,
critics, students, skateboarders, graffiti artists, tattoo artists... that resembles more a bar than a gallery. This
diversification, transversality, polysemy and context, allows to broaden the range of visibility of the artists and
contributes to making the artistic community broader and, at the same time, achievable.

El Cuarto del recreo is a project by Pol Ricart Herms (Barcelona, 1993).

c/ Joaquim Costa, 30 08001 Barcelona
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